Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media?

Interacting with consumers on social media networks is an important digital marketing strategy for businesses both big and small. At Rocklin Irving Marketing Solutions, we offer social media advertising to help grow and scale your business.

Facebook Ads

Offer detailed targeting at an efficient CPC. Develop campaigns to increase awareness, sell products + more


Take advantage of the highly-visual aspect of Instagram for your business utilizing stunning and engaging photo’s


Thought-Leadership content specific to B2B targeting and interaction specific industries, job function and more


Where the world chooses to watch. Smart creative concepts make for compelling and effective videos.

We specialize in creating customized, engaging content and targeted ad campaigns across all major social platforms to boost your brand awareness, increase web traffic and generate leads for your business. Our social media experts know how to build individualized marketing campaigns that will set your business apart from your competition.

Step 1

Build the Campaign With A Goal In Mind

Your campaigns are built to be specific, attainable and measurable. Are you looking to increase visibility and engagement? Increase traffic? Generate more leads?

Step 2

Choose The Platform That Makes Sense

And that is best aligned with your specific goals – Facebook may generate more online leads but what if Instagram could bring in more foot traffic?

Step 3

Sophisticated & Precise Audience Targeting

Within the desired platform to reach those audiences that are the most valuable and important to your business goals.

Work With Us.