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Digital Marketing

Grow your business and experience the immediate and multiple advantages of digital marketing. Rocklin Irving will help you craft a well-defined digital strategy to grow your business and find new streams of revenue. From PPC to SEO, working with Rocklin Irving means growing your traffic and sales.

Traditional Advertising

Rocklin Irving’s 70 years plus experience utilizing television, cable, radio, promotional and print, has made it clear: every script matters. We’ve mastered how to take the traditional and make it a tool to boost your growing digital strategies and creative.

Why Rocklin?

Success in Automotive, Legal, Medical, Retail, Event and Direct Response Advertising proves that the difference is in the details. We’ve served the Chicagoland advertising community for over seventy years. Our in-depth knowledge of retail, professional services and automotive industry, both front-end and back-end, gives us a unique perspective on how to achieve specific client goals.

Sound strategy, Creative Development, Media Planning & Execution, Lead Tracking & KPI Analysis delivers results.

At Rocklin Irving, we craft honest, visually compelling and emotionally impacting work. Marketing changes, we adapt. That means first of its kind media mixes, creative assets, data mining and transparent reporting technology. Our ideas are data fueled and insight driven.

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Core Values

Strategy and Analysis

Effective marketing is only achieved thru creative ideas, forward thinking strategies, on-point execution, thorough data and perfectly timed adjustments.  The goal is to make your voice and your message heard as loudly, clearly and with the most reach possible.  

Perfectly In Sync With You

Each element of the process is as important as the next.  Each client's message and results take essential priority until it all runs in rhythm making your business hum. It's about you and your business.

Adapt and Create New Business

It's about listening and conversation, then moving forward in a partnership that is not only trackable, but malleable enough to shift, brake or change with the marketplace.  It's about timing and trust.

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