Why broadcast?

Broadcast advertising using radio and television has been one of the most consistent and effective ways to reach both broad and targeted audiences for decades. That said, radio and tv like other media has gone through changes, variations and formats in the past 10 years. You’ll need the right guides to navigate you to your auditory destination.

The Rocklin Strategy For A Successful Campaign

Reach The Right Audience

Which one and where? Those are the first two questions we will answer together. Digital. Broadcast. Streaming. Age. Gender. Those are some of the factors we will gather in and add to your message and media planning to make sure your reach is stronger and farther than the changes radio has undergone recently.

Create the right message

Sell and personality. The better the balance, the more your message emulates your brand and YOUR VOICE onto your selected media so that it’s being heard by YOUR AUDIENCE. We take care to create the right amount of urgency and awareness to compliment your message.

Reinforce your digital

Despite this shift from physical stores to the online realm, there are no signs that digital will dominate other forms of media in the advertising world, which is why you need to integrate broadcasting into your strategy. Television & Radio remains a marketer’s best bet for hitting a mainstream audience, reinforcing your “brand” at a time when Google wants you to be “widget guy near me”

recent radio Broadcast

Television and radio offer distinct advantages over other media delivery vehicles. Radio and TV advertising are two of the media forms that are usually referred to as “Traditional Media”. The other components included are newspapers, magazines, print, and the internet. Companies typically build ad campaigns that rely on one or more of these media along with other support media for a full funnel media mix.

recent television broadcast

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