Paid Search Advertising

why pay per click advertising?

If you’re only engaging for SEM, you should narrow the search to find savvy SEM folks within a full-service marketing agency. Why? Because SEM is inherently intertwined with other marketing channels and perform much better in-sync across channels and platforms. At Rocklin Irving, our full-service team collaborates across all channels and platforms to ensure the messaging and creative are consistent yet tailored per channel, and all channels lead to well-designed and optimized landing pages best suited for that audience and product.

The Rocklin Approach

Rocklin Irving specializes in PPC Management Services to get you a better ROI than non-specialized agencies.

We will work with you to develop a long-term, effective Pay Per Click Advertising Strategy that gets the results you need to grow your business!

Google Ads

Google offers detailed targeting allowing us to create several campaign functions.

Microsoft Ads

Reach a different dynamic of audience using Microsoft ads (formerly known as Bing).


Use the power of GPS for targeting by users locations, demographic and other data points.


Programmatic buying isn't just efficient—it leads to more sophisticated and targeted campaigns.

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Full Transparency + Client Ownership

At Rocklin Irving, any account we establish for you is set up with full transparency because we believe our clients have the right to full ownership for long term value. This means you have complete access at any time, and always 100% ownership of your PPC and Google Ads accounts—including all campaigns, account data and history, even if our partnership ends.

All reporting features actual search engine click costs with nothing altered or inflated. If your current Google ads agency doesn’t want to share direct access to Google Ads or Bing to review accuracy, you may be surprised to learn of a profit margin percentage hidden in the reporting.

We operate on a predetermined rate to manage each campaign. No hidden profit margins or surprises post launch of your new campaign. Contact us today for a search marketing audit.   

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Find The Right Mix Of Keywords

Paid Search allows you to test different variations and sets of keywords. We find the best keywords that produce sales for your product or service that you offer.

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Precision Targeted Ads

PPC advertising allows you to target specific audience with precision to your most valuable, low funnel clients/customers

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Extensive A/B Testing

Measuring the value your marketing and advertising campaigns create is a challenge. We can now not only store and analyze data, but also create actionable data through the use of A/B testing.

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Everything Is Measurable

PPC campaigns are all measurable, accountable, and flexible with insights in real time, available around the clock.

Make A Difference

Our team will set up your campaign properly, make suggestions and recommendations based on the data we gather, and optimize for the most conversions at the lowest cost. We custom tailor campaigns to fit your business and goals because there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing. With the proper digital strategy, including PPC management, your business will escalate to the next level. Contact us today to learn more.