Search Engine Optimization

Why Search Engine Optimization?

Ranking on the first page of Google requires a multifaceted SEO approach. SEO is not a one size fits all strategy to getting websites to rank on the SERP’s, rather it’s a strategy that should be customized according to the unique goals of each business and website.

Technical Site Optimization Specialist

With SEO, keywords and on-page updates are only one part of the solution. If your website isn’t humming along in tip-top shape, all the optimizations in the world will only get you so far.

Our team members are experts in the many technical SEO ranking factors, including mobile-friendly design, site speed, architecture, and much more. Whether you’re migrating to a new site or looking to drive more traffic to your current one, our SEO team will conduct a full site audit to identify any errors that are affecting a search engines’ ability to crawl and index your content. Then, we’ll correct those errors, and work with your web team, to ensure your site is fine-tuned for top-flight search performance.

Benefits of a SEO Campaign
Revenue captured by organic traffic 40%
Traffic from search engines 93%
Consumers performing research before purchase 81%
Customers who do not scroll past 1st page 75%

Ongoing Optimization Focus

Search engines, online technology, algorithms, keywords and your competitors are constantly changing—and ongoing website optimization is crucial to keep up. Rocklin Irving’s SEO strategists will customize a monthly optimization packaging including keyword tracking, on-page and off-page updates, and content marketing—all with regular monthly reports to help you track your progress