What We do

Rocklin Irving Marketing Solutions is a full service marketing solution agency dedicated solely to your bottom line. For over 70 years we have worked with businesses across the Midwest. We focus on auto, legal, home services as well as business to business solutions. We know digital marketing backwards and forwards and know how to make it work for your business. From creative development, media planning and execution, to lead tracking and ROI analysts. Rocklin Irving is ready to ROCK! It’s what we do.

Web Design

A website is worth a thousand words. Creating a user experience that matches your business is key to developing an on-line report.

Geo Fencing

Advanced location targeting. Serve ads to prospects when they are at your competitors location.

Microsoft Ads

Formerly known as Bing. Increase your market share

Out of Home

Target your “offline” audience

Events & Promotions

Increase brand awareness with event and promotional marketing


Take action on non-action takers with custom messaging based on behavior

Streaming Services

Target the “cord-cutters” 


Programmatic buying leads to more sophisticated and targeted campaigns

We Don't Stop There! We Also Do Radio Broadcast T.V Commercials Content Creation Geo Fencing Web & Ad Audits

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